If you’re trying to engage sports audiences, you might want to start by scratching their competitive itch. Fans of major sports leagues increasingly want to compete with each other. To put their convictions and reputations on the line just like professional pundits. Which is why our new mobile social gaming platform enables them to do just that. They can make predictions and social bets with friends, keep track of the results and publicise the outcomes. 

The Sporting Mouth platform was first deployed at the 2014 World cup to stage 'Social Shootout', a peer-to-peer predictions tournament sponsored by Nokia and Microsoft.

Within just a week of launch the competition was rated in the top 5 World Cup Apps and went on to achieve all the marketing objectives set for the promotion.

Before a ball has even been kicked, the 2016/17 Premier League season already looks set to be the most competitive ever, with all the major teams busily engaged in extravagant rebuilding programmes.

Sporting Mouth aims to mimic this competitions off the pitch by staging a tournament to discover the UK's most successful Premiership pundits, in partnership with leading brands and media owners. To find out how your brand can be a part of this please get in touch.

Feel free to get in touch. Brands, fans and critics all welcome.

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